"What we love to do and why!"
Various Projects-Completed and Ongoing

Dillwyn Business District Revitalization Project---this project is completed

Dillwyn Business District Revitalization Project This project began in late 2006.  
Planning sessions began in 2008 and actual contract began in 2010. This project is to help those buildings
on US 15 in the main business district of the town to improve on the facades of their buildings—new
windows, doors, paint, clean brick and/or repaint, and help with roof issues (exceptions apply and

limited amount of dollars that can be applied for roof repairs).  The grant can provide up to $10,000.00 per
side (facade) visible to US 15.  This could be one to three or four sides, depending on the location of the
building, with a maximum of $30,000.  An additional amount of up to $5,000.00 for roof repairs, could also

be granted. The building owner may submit copies of paid expenses (repairs, improvements, etc.),
beginning March 1, 2009, to match any grant dollars.  A cash match may, or may not, be needed. There is
even a loan pool to help with start-up costs, match dollars, etc.  The requirement is for every $10,000 in

loan dollars, one full-time or two part-time positions need to be hired or retained.  There is a maximum of
$20,000 for any one business owner or property owner. All forms, regulations, and tons of information are
on our website under Projects.   The project area stretches from Oak & Main Streets to Rosney Road.

Phase one saw improvements to several buildings:  Buckingham Branch Railroad-depot and corporate
office; old service station/dry cleaners (Clements); Dillwyn Pharmacy and old barber shop, South Central
Counseling Group; Cheryl’s Beauty and Barber shops; J. Robert Snoddy; Staton Insurance, Acie Allen; old
Davis Dept. Store; United Country Real Estate.   Some owners did the work themselves:  Clements Car
Wash; Davis Variety; Dillwyn Food Mart; James Snoddy (old Railroad Buffet/Florist shop).  Some did not
need any work:  Gantt Insurance; Progressive Therapy; Emerson & Clements Woodyard.  Some chose not
to participate:  Ranson Brothers.  Some will be doing the work themselves shortly:  1020 Main (old Mazie

Phase two saw improvements to the following buildings:  996 Main (old Pool building); Thomas Insurance
Agency; The Price is Right; ABC store; Fisher Auto.  Banners, signage, and kiosks were purchased and
most have been installed.  Banners show the features, seasons, and events of the town:  Ellis Acres
Memorial Park, train rides, Christmas, different seasons, etc.  The kiosks will display information about the
town and the county, which the town hopes will be useful to all citizens and visitors. The town has
established a pocket park for residents to use and enjoy.  Team meetings were each month, second
Tuesday, 6:00 p.m., town hall.  Anyone could attend.  

We are still looking for any input for events and new business ideas and economic

Architect for this project was Frasier Associates, Staunton, VA.   Engineer for this project was Hurt &
Proffitt, Inc., Lynchburg, VA Administrator and technical advisor for this project was Commonwealth
Regional Council, (CRC) Contractors:  
Phase one:  Keith Barber Construction, Inc. And Triple L Construction LLC                        
Phase two:   Triple L Construction, LLC and Bayard Construction LLC
Pocket Park contractor:  Keith Barber Construction, Inc.; architect:  LPDA, Inc., Charlottesville, VA.

This project has been completed as of June 30, 2015.


Housing Project

An award of a $25,000.00 planning grant has been given the town.  Meetings will begin shortly with
Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to discuss how to proceed with the
Community Development and Block Grants (CDBG).
Individual home surveys were conducted at the beginning of this planning grant process.  The confidential
information from these surveys were used to determine if there was a need and a desire for this assistance
in helping the residence and the owners repair or improve their homes.
An assessment of the infrastructure:  roads, lights, storm drainage, etc. Was also performed as one of the
steps for this planning grant.  
Team management meetings and public meetings have and are continuing to occur as a requirement of the
planning grant.  Notifications will be given for future meetings- please watch the newspaper for these  
An inspection of the homes is another step in this process for those owners that wish to participate in the  
This is grant money and is available to help those that need assistance in repairing or improving their  
homes.  There will be a small repayment, based on income, of some of the grant money.  Minimum:  $25.00
per month.  This can be waived if there is no income or lack of to make the payment.

Administrator and technical advisor for this project is Commonwealth Regional Council, (CRC).  

Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:15 pm, town hall.

Transportation Enhancement Project

The project area is from the north end of town to the south end of town—US 15 corridor.
Planning for this began in 1999/2000 with a group from Buckingham Dillwyn Garden Club, some
concerned people,  and the town council.   It took several years to get this project started.  Planning
sessions took  place for what seemed a long, long time.  The first award was received  in 2003.  The
completion of  phase 1, the clock plaza, was in May 2005.  The land was donated by Ralph and Mattie
Clements and several businesses contributed to the lights and benches.

Phase 2 was the purchase of the clock.

Phase 3 was the replacement sidewalks, new street level lighting, new trash cans, and new trees along US
15 from Conner Street to Main Street (ABC store).   This phase was completed in 2011.

Phase 4, Conner Street to Rosney Road, and was awarded the contract to Keith Barber Construction, Inc.
and work has been completed.  This phase  also featured replacement sidewalks, new trees, new street
level lighting, and new side steps to the library.  

Phase 4 extended and phase 5:  The town has met with VDOT and some of the property owners to

help with the designs and modifications needed to meet the requirements of VDOT and improve the
pedestrian sidewalks and help with the safer flow of traffic in various places.  Phase 4 extended will cover
the corner of Rosney Road towards the first exit of First Bank; Phase 5 is from Oak Street & Main Street to
south end of town limits.  Plans are being completed for these phases and hopefully will be ready to submit
to VDOT shortly.  These phases will also include replacement sidewalks, some new sidewalks,
reconfiguration the entrance to Goldmine St., modifications to some entrances, new trees, and new street
level lighting.

The holdup for this phase has been the obtaining of several easements.

It has been a long haul since 1999 to now, but the efforts/rewards are in the improvements to the town for  

Architect/engineer :  LPDA, Inc., Charlottesville, VA  
Administrator and technical advisor:   Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC), Farmville, VA
Contractors:   Phase 1 & 2: Keith Barber Construction, Inc.
                         Phase 3: Farmville Excavation
                         Phase 4:  Keith Barber Construction, Inc.